Services and Rates

Pet visit/walk                               $16.00*

Holiday rate                                  $21.00*                                                                       

Overnight visit                               $75.00~

Overnight visit/1 mid-day visit     $100.00

Kennel drop-off/pick-up               $25.00 each way

Vet drop-off/pick-up                      $25.00 each way

Poop pick-up                                  $16.00  

Visits before 7am                          $21.00*

Visits after 7pm                             $21.00*

Additional 15 minutes per visit    $8.00

Dog baths                                        $15.00

Hotel petsitting                               $20.00/hour

Pet Supply Pick-up                         $15.00 plus cost of supplies

Returned Check Fee                          $25.00

*Additional pet rates are $1.00 charge per dog. Cats are based on number of litter boxes, i.e. 2 cats with 1 box will be $16.00, 3 cats with 2 boxes will be $17.00.

~This visit includes taking pet out before bed and again in the morning.

+All visits/walks last 20 minutes depending on the type of pet, clean up required, etc.

Hurricane Evacuation Policy:

Due to the number of pets in our care at various locations, we cannot be responsible for evacuating your pet(s) in the event of a hurricane. Please designate an emergency contact to help assist in making sure your pets make it out of the area safely.